Order of the Service

Call to Assembled Worship
Reading from a Psalm
Singing of the Opening Hymn
Responsive Salutations
Corporate Opening Prayer

Confession of Our Sins
Pastoral Call to Reflection and Contrition
Corporate and Silent Personal Confession
Assurance of Our Forgiveness in Christ

Consecration by Scripture and Prayer
Singing of the Responsive Hymn
Reading from the Old Testament
Reading from the New Testament
Singing of a Psalm
Reading from the Gospels
Corporate Confession of Faith
Singing of the Gloria Patri
Preaching from the Scriptures
Singing of the Responsive Hymn
Collection of the Tithes and Offerings
Singing of the Doxology
Prayers of the Church and the Lord’s Prayer

Communion at the Lord’s Table
Words of Institution, Prayers, and Thanksgiving
Singing of the Communion Hymn
Pastoral Meditation at the Table
Corporate Partaking of the Bread and the Wine
Singing of the Nunc Dimittis

Commission to Service in the World
Singing of the Closing Hymn
Commissioning of the People
Benediction upon the People
Singing of the Threefold Amen