Worship on the Lord’s Day

We believe that our worship is fundamentally about that which pleases God rather than that which appeases our own desires. We seek to worship the Triune God in a manner consistent with his desires and commands which he has revealed to his people in the Scriptures. We are committed to orderly worship in which God is present and is renewing his people.


A few brief and helpful notes about the worship service:

A typical Sunday Service at Christ Church is about an hour and fifteen minutes in length and follows the basic structure shown here. Hymns are usually selected from the Trinity Hymnal. The worship is responsive in character with prescripted content. Printed orders of service are provided, and our regular members would be delighted to assist our visitors and newcomers with the liturgy in any way that we can do so.

We encourage children of all ages to be present and participate in the worship service, but a nursery and playroom is available for parents to step aside with their children as they see fit. We believe that public worship is a privilege and a blessing for you and for your children, so that everyone may hear the Gospel and receive the nurture and admonition of the Lord.